Should South Carolina legalize the use of medical marijuana?

A controversial question popped up on some of the South Carolina's ballot on Tuesday. The question asked if voters think medical marijuana should be legalized for people with severe or chronic illnesses.

Governor Haley already approved the use of cannabis oil, which is an extract of the marijuana plant, for people who suffer from severe epilepsy.

The question that voters saw on the ballot during the primary elections was just an advisory question, meaning that politicians just wanted to know where voters stood on the issue, so they know what changes to make to their future platforms.

Some folks we talked to were on both sides of the issue. They both believe that it could have its benefits and help people that are really sick, but they think it'll probably be abused.

"I wouldn't be opposed as long as its controlled," said Mike Osteen, a South Carolina resident. "Just like any prescribed drugs, you're going to have abuse and its up to doctor and all of the manage it."

"I'm not too keen on medical marijuana or marijuana period. There's always the possibility of abuse," said David Williams, a South Carolina resident. "You have some people who really need it and get it and take it and use it wisely but someone is going to abuse it. I know that."

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