Dog found bagged, chained near Aiken Co. elementary school

WARRENVILLE, SC (WFXG) - Katy Lewallen said she thinks the person responsible for abandoning a dog deserves a taste of their own medicine.

"Put a plastic bag over their face for a few minutes, then take it off, put it back on a couple times see how they like it," said Lewallen. "Then put them in jail."

She found the dog in a plastic garbage bag wrapped around its body with a metal chain, and she said the dog had just died when she found it.

"He was not stiff, he was not cold, he was warm," said Lewallen. "So undoubtedly, they must have heard us coming on the golf cart, and took off."

LEASH rescue Squad co-founder Lars Swearingen III came to the scene today to investigate what was left after he said Aiken County officials picked up the dog's body.

"This is new for us," he said. "And that's saying a lot because we've seen some pretty bad things. This one was more than deliberate, someone made this dog suffer."

Lewallen and Swearingen are hoping Aiken authorities step in and investigate what may have happened. Swearingen found beer cans near the scene that may have been disposed of there around the same time the dog was found. He's asking for anyone who may know something to step forward.

"This dog deserves, at least retribution. We can't rescue it, but we can try to find it justice."

To contact LEASH, go to their Facebook page.

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