Miracle League helps those with disabilities play baseball

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The Braves and the Greenjackets battled on the baseball diamond Saturday morning, but these teams were part of the Wilson Family Y's Miracle League.

Sports program director Rina White says the league helps children who may not otherwise get the chance to play baseball.

"The Miracle League is a special needs baseball league for all different kind of disabilities. We have a competitive and a non-competitive league," White explains.

The leagues started in 2010 and help children with disabilities ranging from autism to cerebral palsy to play and enjoy America's pastime.

Jocelyn Owens' son Jalen is diagnosed with autism, and started playing with the Miracle League back in 2010.

"We were just looking for sports that he could participate in, and it's just a very relaxing environment and each child participates at their own level," Owens says.

The non-competitive game is structured so there are no winners or losers, teaching the kids about team work.

"It's just a good environment, there's no stress, no pressure, and everybody is very supportive," Owens says with a smile.

"It touches their lives, and it feels real good to do something for someone like this," says White.

And even with a disability, Owens says her son doesn't feel any different.

"I think he already feels like a normal kid, he just is very positive and all he knows is that he's just a regular kid," says Owens.

And even though there were no winners or losers, the kids were just happy to get out in the beautiful weather and play ball.

For more information on the Miracle League and if you would like to help volunteer, click here for the Family YMCA of Greater Augusta website.

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