Man robbed Thursday morning in Aiken, deputies say they don't see a crime trend

AIKEN, SC (WFXG) - Aiken County Deputies confirm a man was robbed early Friday morning near Old Pope Road, by two men on a bicycle.

"We've followed all the leads we can, " Sgt. Jason Feemster said. "We haven't identified the suspect involved because the victim wasn't able to identify anything."

But stick ups aren't new to Aiken lately. On May 15th, a Minit Shop on 2345 Augusta Road was robbed at gun point. Two men demanded money and fled the scene.

The same thing happened to a Shop Smart store on Whiskey road May 23rd. Two men with weapons came in and wanted money.

Still Sgt. Feemster said they don't see a trend. He said people just need to keep their eyes and ears open.

"Be a good witness," Sgt. Feemster said. "We don't need people to confront them."

He said keep your eyes peeled for fraud, too. April 4th, a woman wearing a gray shirt stopped at a Circle K on Pine Log Road and used someone else's credit card.

Two men did the same thing in a Walmart on Whiskey road sometime between April 23rd and 24th. Aiken deputies said a man and an accomplice stole a credit card from a car in Sage Creek Subdivision.

"Our two credit card fraud transactions we had were a result of people leaving their vehicles unlocked," Sgt. Feemster said.

He said most thieves don't want to hassle with a lock and will go for the easier target.

"It takes a matter of seconds," Sgt. Feemster said. "Locks are a great deterrent because those people trying to get in your car, they're looking for the path of least resistance."

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