Aiken awarded for efforts to reduce violent crime

Aiken awarded for efforts to reduce violent crime

AIKEN, SC (WFXG) - The city of Aiken is being awarded for its efforts to reduce violent crime.

The South Carolina Community Development Association awarded the city with the 2014 Award of Excellence, recognizing Aiken's Safe Communities Approach.

Aiken's Safe Communities Approach gets offenders in the community the necessary services and assistance - such as education assistance, job training and counseling - to reduce repeat offenses.

The Joint Law Enforcement Task Force and the Aiken Safe Communities Action Team work together to get the offenders help from various community organizations.

Offenders who are identified as having the propensity to commit more violent offenses are notified in a public forum that any further violent offenses will result in apprehension, rapid prosecution and lengthy prison terms if convicted.

The Aiken Department of Public Safety has held four offender notification sessions since the program started and has placed more than 50 offenders on notice.

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