Biopharmaceutical manufacturer to invest $5 million into North Augusta

NORTH AUGUSTA, SC (WFXG) - A North Augusta biopharmaceutical manufacturer recently announced that it's doubling its workforce.

AmbioPharm Inc., a peptide producer for drug companies across the nation, started up back in 2007. Seven years later, they're doubling their staff to keep up with an increased market demand. That means they're adding jobs in North Augusta.

"We're absolutely delighted. They're doubling their size," said Ken Kehr, a member of the North Augusta Chamber Board of Directors.

Kehr said this is great news for the city.

"They're making a 5 million dollar investment in our community that absolutely provides jobs so that our best and brightest don't have to go to other cities or other communities to have high quality jobs," Kehr said.

In April, Medac Inc. announced they were moving their headquarters to the city and creating 200 jobs. Kehr believes with Medac coming to town and Ambiopharm expanding, North Augusta is showing that they are able to compete with the larger, surrounding cities.

"The investment that they're making in our community helps improve the quality of our lives as well as the quality of our community," said Kehr.

Ambiopharm Inc. just added six employees, and they're expecting to hire 20 more by the fall.

You can apply for the jobs at Ambiopharm by sending your resumes to the North Augusta facility at 1024 Dittman Court. Check online employment sites such as or for job postings.

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