Nap Nanny recalled after infant deaths reported

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Baby Matters LLC issued a voluntary recall for their Nap Nanny product, after the Consumer Product Safety Commission filed a case against the company in December of 2012.

Warnings about the product have been getting around Facebook. Baronda Leogrande said that's where she heard about the recall.

"I've seen it on Facebook,"Leogrande said. " We don't have one specifically for our little boy, but it worries me."

Coordinator of Safe Kids Greater Augusta Rene Hopkins said five kids in the seat have died since 2009.

"The nap nanny elevates the head," Hopkins said, "When it starts to move, gravity takes over and it pulls the child out of alignment."

Hopkins said that's when a child suffocates or gets tangled in the Nap Nanny straps.

Leogrande said she does her own homework though before buying anything.

"We definitely always check out items before buying for safety," Leogrande said.

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