5-year-old recovers from snake bite

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The Seamons' family vacation at Lake Thurmond turned into a parent's worst nightmare.

"He started hollering saying, 'It bit me. It bit me,' and we were like, 'What bit you? I mean, what?' He said, 'A snake, a snake,'" said Hope Seamon, mother of 5-year-old Kessler Seamon.

Kessler was bitten by a copperhead snake as they were packing up to return home.

"Immediately, my husband took off and went and cornered it with a paddle-board," Hope Seamon said.

Kessler's mom took him first to the park ranger and then to Doctor's Hospital- and not a moment too soon.

"Time is tissue. Sometimes it's hard to know if somebody has been envenomated," said Dr. Doug Johnson, who works in the hospital's emergency division. "They could be bitten by a snake that's not poisonous. If the snake is poisonous, there is a lot of swelling, then you should get the anti-venom on board as quickly as you can."

The venom settled at Kessler's foot, which doctors had to cut open. His first surgery Tuesday, and he will undergo another Wednesday.

"Monday was pretty sad," Hope Seamon said. "He was pretty scared and he was in a lot of pain, not knowing what was going on. Tuesday? Great. He woke up and was his normal self."

Although they were a bit shaken up by the bite, the Seamons have a message for those parents considering camping with their family this summer.

"Don't be afraid to go out in the woods, by no means," Hope Seamon said, "but just be cautious and read up on your snakes and know and know what you're dealing with."

For more information on snake bites, visit the CDC's web site.

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