BBB warns mobile banking scam could make you vulnerable to fraud

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The Better Business Bureau is warning folks that scammers may text you, pretending to be your bank. When you call them, you might open yourself up to credit card fraud.

Crooks are sending out text messages saying that your debit card has been deactivated, and they need for you to call them at a certain number. That's when they start stealing your information.

"It mimics a legitimate service provided by most banks and with consumers who have the mobile banking," said Gigi Turner, Regional Manger of the local Better Business Bureau office.

Experts said that's why many folks are vulnerable to this scam.
"A bank will legitimately alert you when something's happened with your card, if its deactivated or if there is a fraud alert on your card," Turner said.

When you call the number provided to you in the text message, an automated messaged asks you to type in your 16 digit credit card number or your account number. The Better Business Bureau says it's a red flag if any institution asks for your entire credit card or account number. Turner said if its really your bank, they already have that information.

"Once they enter in their account number, they open themselves up to credit card fraud," said Turner.

If you get a message saying that you're credit or debit card has been deactivated call your bank, the Better Business Bureau says call your bank first. Use the number on the back of the card or on the website. Ignore instructions to text "stop" or "no" to prevent future texts - instead forward the texts to 7726. This will alert your cell phone carrier to block future texts from those numbers. Be familiar with your bank's communication methods. Turner says that mobile banking is still safe, just make sure you're not putting your financial information in the wrong hands.

"Its a matter of convenience and people taking advantage of that convenience. Sometimes we just need to stop and not rush and think about what is happening and take the time to verify the legitimacy," said Turner.

For more tips, call the local BBB office at (478)742-7999 or click here visit their website.

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