Aiken County Animal Shelter filling up

AIKEN COUNTY, SC (WFXG) - The Aiken County Animal Shelter is filling up quickly. Officials say nearly 100 cats and dogs need homes.

The high number means the shelter won't be able to take many more animals.

They are urging people to adopt or foster some of the animals. View photos of the shelter's adoptable pets.

They're also urging people who are already pet owners to take advantage of programs the county and city have to spay and neuter pets.

"Citizens from Aiken County can come visit our shelter and ask about a voucher to have their pets spayed or neutered," said Bobby Arthurs, chief enforcement officer at the shelter. "If they're from Aiken County, qualifying under the HUD guidelines, we'll give them a voucher and it can be worth up to $80."

For more information, visit the Aiken County Animal Shelter's website or call them at 803-642-1537.

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