Community shocked after man found dead in Washington, GA

Community shocked after man found dead in Washington, GA

WILKES COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - Sixty-seven year old James Edwards was found dead on a path off Williams St. in Wilkes County around 7:00 a.m. GBI and the Washington Police Department are investigating the death as a homicide and don't have much information as of right now.

Edwards was found on a path that runs directly behind John Wylie's house. Wylie was close with Edwards, and says he's still wrapping his mind around what happened.

"I'm real shocked. We woke up this morning and we didn't hear anything but we got up and all the commotion was going on and we found out it was him and it really shocked me," he says. '

In fact, Wylie had seen Edwards just days before, and says he was in a good mood.

"He was talking about coming to town, and seeing his son, and seeing all the family members and doing some things with them," Wylie says.

This is the second homicide in less than a week for Washington after a man was found shot to death Monday night. Wylie says this recent spike in crime has him taking extra precautions.

"I feel safe here in Wilkes County but it just makes me wonder about a lot of things, you know. Be more secure about a lot of things. I'm just going to be safe, no matter what," he says. 

Wylie says he will always remember Edwards for the caring and devoted family man he was.

"He was a real good guy, and I really cared a lot about him, and he really cared about his family. And he really loved his son. He always talked about his son and even though 'this going on, that going on, I gotta take care of my son'," says Wylie.

An autopsy is scheduled for sometime this week and we will update you as we learn more information.

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