Investigators looking into mysterious Savannah River spill

Mystery spill in Savannah River under investigation

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The city of Augusta is investigating, after a mysterious spill was found on the Savannah River Saturday.

Riverkeeper Tonya Bonitatibus said the cause has not been determined yet.

"As of yesterday around noon, we started getting phone calls about some kind of slick on the river," Bonitatibus said. "We found a slick that went all the way from Sand Bar Ferry Bridge all the way up to Lake Olmsted.

Bonitatibus doesn't think it's gas or oil, but believes it could be from storm drain sewage.

"I really feel like we're going to find out either someone was trying to pump out their basement or was trying to get rid of something through a storm drain system," Bonitatibus said.

She isn't ruling out an accident by nature, but said if it's not, the person who did it could face charges if the state investigates.

"Where this spill occurred, it was illegal," Bonitatibus said. "If it was a spill, it should have been contained."

Bonitatibus said the spill occurred too close to drinking water and that's when the city had to get involved.

Knowing it was close to drinking water doesn't sit well with Laurie Caldwell, who said if this was done by a person, she's disappointed.

"The river is the life source of the town," Caldwell said, "and it's just disappointing that some people don't take care of our natural resources."

Bonitatibus said she's disappointed too and wants more answers soon.

She also said the Georgia Emergency Response was notified, but Riverkeepers have not heard back from them yet. Emergency Response has to investigate before anyone can face charges.