Aiken authorities investigating after a shooting at Bi-Lo

AIKEN, SC (WFXG) - Aiken Public Safety Officers are looking for leads after a shooting in front of Bi-Lo Thursday night.

It happened on York Street at 6:49 P.M. A man approached Shakeem Price, called out his name and fired off a round. The round didn't hit Price and no injuries were reported, but nearby business owners are still worried.

"It's scary that you're getting shootings at the back door of your business," one anonymous business owner said. "You never know when things are going to happen like that."

Authorities said Price and witnesses didn't give many details on what happened. He and two witnesses got in a car and left the scene from a nearby McDonalds.

"We were able to stop and identify the vehicle," Lt. Jake Mahoney with Aiken Public Safety said. "Neither the victim nor the witnesses with him could give any information."

Officials believe the shooter is a 5'8 black male and weighs 140 pounds.

If you have any information, contact Aiken Public Safety at 803 642 7620.