Children across the state don't have access to food during the summer

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Summertime usually means no school for many kids - for organizations like the Salvation Army and the Georgia Food Bank Association, it means more than 700 thousand children in Georgia without access to food.

"Normally kids usually have breakfast and lunch at schools. Now the families who's budgets are already stretched, they don't have enough to eat," said John Sebby, director of development for the Salvation Army.

Traci OC "the Georgia Food Bank association says 63% of children here in Georgia receive free or reduced lunch during school. 48% of those kids don't have access to lunch during the summer months."

"During the summer time the school system isn't providing meals on a regular basis those children then don't have access to that," said Michele Chivore, Childhood Hunger Initiative Campaign Director for the Georgia Food Bank Association.

Jon Sebby, said this means that more people are relying on soup kitchens and free lunch programs to feed their children.

"Summer is always our roughest time of the year. We have an increase in need of people coming for groceries or coming to our soup kitchen for meals, but our donations usually fall down," Sebby said.

The no kid hungry program offers free lunch meals across the Peach state to children under the age of 18.

"There's a huge number of kids that are losing out nutritionally wise but also it impacts them long term," Chivore said.

That's why there are over 50 summer meal sites in Richmond County alone. Organizations like the Georgia Food Bank Association, the Salvation Army, and Golden Harvest want to make sure no kid, goes hungry.

Click here for a list of 2014 summer food sites, or go to the No Kid Hungry website.

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