Aiken holds pauper burial Friday morning

AIKEN COUNTY, SC (WFXG) - Eight people were laid to rest this morning in Aiken as part of the Pauper Burial. The funeral was for Aiken residents whose bodies had gone unclaimed or who did not have enough funds for a funeral of their own.

Friends and family of the deceased were notified by the coroners office for the ceremony this morning.

Several local businesses, including florists and funeral homes contributed to the funeral to help lessen some of the costs.

Betty Walters owns New Future Granite, which helped provide the headstones for the service. She says she felt the need to help because of her ties to Aiken.

"Aiken County is a strong community, and me being from Aiken it means a lot to me personally. We felt honored that [the coroner] called us, that we can help with the burial because everyone deserves to have their final resting place marked," she says.

For a list of the citizens laid to rest please click here.

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