Georgia Power urging caution during summer storms

Georgia Power is urging everyone to stay safe during pop up thunderstorms.

Officials said they came happen throughout the day during the summertime and can get dangerous fast if you're not prepared.

"If there is a storm, never go outside and touch anything where there might be hidden lines down,"Georgia Power Spokesperson Carol Boatwright said.

Boatwright said don't touch anything near a down power line, either. She also recommends charging electronic devices before a storm rolls in, just in case the power goes out.

"There's no way to know where storms are going to hit and how strong they're going to be," Boatwright said, "So the message is just be prepared. This is a very common occurrence in Georgia this time of year."

Georgia Power said you can sign up for push notifications that will alert you on where a storm is and where power outages are at