Local veteran in need of help

Local veteran in need of help

APPLING, GA (WFXG) - He fought for our country valiantly, putting his own life on the line. But now David Martin said he needs help himself.

"First thing I did was, I tried to call the VA, trying to get an appointment with my general practitioner," said Martin. "And I've been trying in the last eight months to try to even see about that."

Martin said he can barely walk and that he has problems with his knees and discs in his back. We watched him struggle just to get into the house.

Because of his afflictions, Martin said it limits his job capabilities; and the ones he can work, don't offer a lot of hours.

"I have to deal with the pain. I have to do a lot of heavy lifting and stuff like that. I have to do it. I have no choice," said Martin.

He said he reached out to the Augusta Warrior Project, who in turn said they have been working with him.

But this week, the situation got critical, and he needed more help than ever: so we reached out to them ourselves.

"I called the troubleshooter at your station, and y'all got on the ball and I finally got to eat," said Martin. "For three days we didn't eat."

Augusta Warrior Project confirms they did indeed send help in the form of food after we told them of Martin's predicament.

But to make matters worse, Martin and his disabled wife live in an aging, rural home.

He showed us where mold is encroaching on the living quarters.

There is also a buildup of trash; Martin said he can't afford to hire a hauler, and doesn't have enough strength to do it himself.

He said he wants some help not just for himself, but for his wife.

"This isn't for me, it's for her," said Martin. "She deserves a lot better than what's going on here."

Martin isn't alone in his struggles.

For months we've told you about problems with the VA, and delayed care for past service members.

"Care isn't being provided as it should," said Rep. John Barrow. "And the intent to basically cover it up instead of get to the bottom of it, trying to bury it. Now that's just unacceptable and I won't be satisfied until heads have rolled."

As for Martin, he said we were his only hope in surviving.

"Nobody would help. Ya'll were the last hope I had for help."

The Warrior Project has now promised additional help in the coming weeks.

For more information on the Augusta Warrior Project, check out their website.

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