Augusta veteran still fighting to get 'other-than-dishonorable' discharge removed

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Richard Ray was worried that his insulin supply would run out but he is more confident after a hearing with the Veterans Benefits Association, on Thursday.

"I feel a whole bunch better," Ray said. "I feel we made a good case this morning. I served honorably in Vietnam and I've been going to the VA for 20, 25 years."

Late last year Ray, a diabetic, received a letter informing him that his benefits would stop because of an other-than-honorable discharge he received after re-enlisting.

"The incident that occurred to cause him to have that discharge, was directly related to not treated PTSD, which is very visible, as well as self-medication; which is what he was doing with alcohol," said Tim Hollobaugh, a veteran advocate who has been helping Ray.

Hollobaugh says what happened to Ray is unfortunately a trend among the Veterans Benefits Association.

"This is one of many, many cases in the same venue, We've fought most of them and we've won once they were able to verify the issues," Hollobaugh said. "However, each individual case is an individual case and usually when you go to the veterans benefits they look at "other than honorable" that often eliminates benefits automatically."

Hollobaugh says the next step is filing to get Richard Ray's other-than-honorable discharge removed because of PTSD.

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