RSCO pleased with Dodge Chargers a year later

RSCO pleased with Dodge Chargers a year later

LINCOLN COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - Last March, the Richmond County Sheriff's Office ordered Dodge Chargers to replace the older Crown Victoria police cruisers, a model that Ford discontinued in 2011.

"There's been nothing but positive response out of them," said Lt. Ramone Lamkin, commander of the Richmond County Sheriff's Office's traffic division. "They're better pursuit vehicles."

This is important, as modern cars improve with technological advances.

"Right now, you have more cars that's made with more horsepower," Lamkin said. "You have Impalas; you have Hondas with a lot of horsepower, and in our old vehicles we'd get outrun by those cars very quickly."

But with the newer cars, it's a different scenario.

"With the charger, it's more acceleration," Lamkin said. "There's better braking; there's better handling, so that we're able to pursue those vehicles better."

The new chargers do come with a cost.

"The trunk space condensed down a little bit and the part in the back condensed a little but the driver compartment is still the same, so officers still have the same to get in the vehicle to maneuver in and out and if he's going to get out to do a foot pursuit, he can get out easily," Lamkin said.

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