4th annual wheelchair competition set for this weekend

The Walton Foundation's fourth annual Wheelchair Tennis Championship is set for next weekend but the players are already gearing up for the competition.

Some of them practiced Monday afternoon, on Memorial Day, at the Warren Road Community Center tennis courts but players said they practice anywhere from 4 to 5 times a week.

Wheelchair tennis athletes from nine states are invited to participate in the annual tournament, part of the Georgia Wheelchair Tennis Grand Prix, and while to some they are wheelchair bound, members of the group who have been playing for a while said they don't even notice a difference.

"I don't find many boundaries or many walls or anything," said Cole Wooten, who has played tennis as an amputee for nearly 4 years. "I find a way to overcome them in different ways. It may take me a little longer than a lot of other people but I still find a way to do it."

Details for the championship is below. Admission is free and open to the public.

4th Annual Wheelchair Tennis Championship

Fri., May 30 - Jun 1

Newman Tennis Center

3101 Washington Rd.

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