Paine College will furlough employees for 10 days during summer

Paine College will furlough employees for 10 days during summer

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Paine College announced it will implement summer furloughs beginning as early as May 30th.

The furloughs will be 10 days during the summer; one in May, four days in June, four days in July and one in August. Most of the faculty, staff and administration will be affected by the furloughs, including the president of Paine College.

The Paine College Police Department, hourly workers and maintenance staff will be exempted, however. There also may be some furlough days later in the fall that faculty will take.

"Furloughs are not something that is uncommon in the CSRA and certainly not uncommon in institutions of higher learning," said Helene Carter, the Assistant Vice President for Institutional Advancement. "Furloughs are implemented in order to make sure that this institution will continue to operate. We will not have to interrupt an services. All of our services that we promise our students during the summer will continue to come to fruition."

Which includes all summer classes and programs at Paine College; those will not be interrupted by the furlough.

Although the furlough is tough, there is some good news. The college said student tuition will actually remain the same it was last year for the upcoming year.

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