Organizations find alternatives to failed SPLOST VII

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Organizations like the Imperial Theatre will now have to find alternates to fund projects after SPLOTS 7 failed at the polls on Tuesday.

"We were disappointed, needless to say," said Charles Scavullo, the executive director of the Imperial.

The historic building first opened its doors in 1918 but now, it's in desperate need of repairs.

"It would have been wonderful to have been eligible to receive the additional funding of 2.5 million dollars," Scavullo said.

Augustans rejected the $194 million tax package but the theater will still benefit from $1 million from SPLOST 6.

"The funding from SPLOST 6 was intended to be infrastructure oriented," said Scavullo, "meaning things that needed to be done in order to accomplish some of the structural work that needs to be done on down the road."

SPLOST 7 funding would have had a different focus, however.

"We are planning to do some interior work with future funding and that interior work will be more of the aesthetically oriented projects," said Scavullo. "Having to do with paint and plaster work and enlarging the restrooms."

But the Imperial Theatre won't close it's curtains any time soon. A plan is already in place.

"I'm writing a grant with the idea that if we can improve a space in the theater and make it marketable, in other words rent-able," said Scavullo. "I can derive additional income from the rent of that space. It could result in being a meeting or conference center, as well as a banquet facility."

It would take anywhere from 8 to 9 million dollars for the Imperial Theatre to finish all the work that needs to be done.

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