Fallen heroes honored during Warrior Remembrance Ceremony

FORT GORDON, GA (WFXG) - Fallen American heroes were honored during the warrior remembrance ceremony by family and friends at Fort Gordon.

It was a quiet, ceremony. Families, friends, and active duty military members joined to remember men and women who died bravely, defending their country.

"It's been an ongoing trial and tribulation, trying to cope with things that's happened to him," said Sharesa Stubbs, sister of a fallen soldier.

Stubb's said brother served 16 and a half years in the Army. He died while training a group of soldiers for deployment in 2011. She said the ceremony brought on mixed emotions for her and her family.

"It helps cope but it also it's a very sad occasion because physically he's not here but in memory in spirit he is," said Stubbs.

Colonel Samuel Anderson, Garrison Commander at Fort Gordon, addressed the crowd.

"Our fallen heroes understood their duty and stood to protect America," said Colonel Anderson. "Carrying with them memories of their families that they left behind, that they hope to keep safe by their sacrifice."

Family members of fallen soldiers say that sacrifice is greatly appreciated, but sometimes hard to deal with.

"It's difficult for civilians to understand what the military and their families go through," said Judy Smith, a survivor.

Smith said her husband loved his country and being around other survivors, helps her deal with his passing.

"The service is just wonderful to be able to share with people who you don't have to explain yourself. They all know where you've been and what you're going through and that's a great part about it," said Smith.

The ceremony ended with families and planting American flags around the remembrance tree; honoring all the men and women who gave their life for their freedom.

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