Plant Vogtle practices for emergency situation

Plant Vogtle practices for emergency situation

WAYNESBORO, GA (WFXG) - Federal, state and local emergency officials gathered at the Plant Vogtle Joint Information Center for an emergency situation on Wednesday but luckily it was all a drill.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission requires nuclear power plants, like Plant Vogtle, to conduct a hostile action-based emergency exercise at least once every 8 years.

The exercise is designed for the plant to demonstrate its ability to protect employees, plant operations and the public.

During the drill, there was a mock press conference of how several representatives from Georgia Power and the Southern Company, as well as local law enforcement, would respond if a hostile type situation occurred at Plant Vogtle.

"Our plants operate safely but, at the same time, we do know that there could be a chance of an unlikely event to occur," said Brian Green, a spokesperson from Georgia Power. "In order for us to operate our plants and continue to operate them, we're mandated by FEMA to make sure we have emergency plans in place, to respond, should an event happen at any point in any of our nuclear units."

While this drill is typically done once every 8 years, Georgia Power and Plant Vogtle have other drills that occur more frequently.

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