High 5 4 Kids: New Ellenton Middle School News Team

High 5 4 Kids: New Ellenton Middle School News Team

NEW ELLENTON, SC (WFXG) - It's that time of week where we highlight kids that are doing awesome things across the CSRA. This week we're giving a high five to a group of aspiring journalists.

The sound of the 8 a.m. bell at New Ellenton Middle School means its time for the morning news show.

"We tell them what's going on during the day and what stuff you can sign up for," said Taylor Young, a student and morning show co-host.

Taylor Young and D'annah Patterson anchored Wednesday's show, but they're trained for multiple newsroom positions.

"It's really interesting and getting to do new stuff everyday and not having to do the same thing over and over," Young said.

"It's fun sometimes because I get to be myself and sometimes I have to be serious," said Patterson, a student and the show's co-host.

Janice Grathen, the middle school's media specialist, gives the students a chance to work in an environment similar to a real newsroom. She said it's making a difference in their lives.

"It has been something that I have really enjoyed and I also look at it as an opportunity to work closely with a group of students and it really improved a lot of their reading skills and learning to work as a team and building confidence," Grathen said.

Dalton Johnson, a student, operated the camera during today's show, and he said that working for the show has changed his social life.

"I like it. Whenever I first joined, I really didn't have that many friends. Now I have quite a few," Johnson said.

Grathen said the students have to excel in the classroom if they want to be on the news team.

"There are certain requirements for being on the news because we can't have them not doing well in school and then spending a lot of time with this activity," Grathen said.

She said she's pleased by their progress.

"I'm so proud of you because all of you have improved so much in what you're doing," Grathen said.

Grathen said that's why her news team is a good fit for this week's High 5 4 Kids.

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