WFXG continuing to investigate allegations against Doug Nelson

WFXG continuing to investigate allegations against Doug Nelson

First, a military veteran said Nelson touched her inappropriately after a meeting about her case in 2011.

"And then he puts his hand on my back, starts rubbing my back, all the way down to my bottom. As in, my rear."

Then, another mother who showed us text messages she said Nelson sent her during her case in 2012.

"He came right out and asked, 'What was your sex life like?' And I was thinking, 'Okay, we have a problem.'"

Another mom accused Nelson of hugging her too closely.

"I couldn't believe it. I'm not easily offended. I've worked around a lot of men, single-handedly, being in the military, working around sexual harassment. I knew clearly what it was."

And a father fighting in a custody case showed us text messages he said Nelson sent to his son's teacher, a witness in the case.

"He pretty much did what he wanted to do with no regard for me or my family," the father said.

Prior to our story airing, Nelson had maintained the allegations as false.

He has since stopped returning our calls and text messages.

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