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SPLOST fails to win over voters


The latest Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax package failed to pass among voters.

The referendum read:

Shall a special 1 percent sales and use tax be
reimposed in the special district of Richmond
County, upon the termination of the special one
percent sales and use tax presently in effect, for
the raising of not more than $198,364,000 for
the following purposes pursuant to an
Intergovernmental Sales Tax Agreement, dated
as of March 7, 2014, among Augusta, Georgia
("Augusta"), the City of Blythe, Georgia
("Blythe"), and the City of Hephzibah
("Hephzibah"): (1)(a) capital outlay projects,
which are estimated to cost $179,964,000, to be
owned or operated or both by Augusta or by
one or more local authorities within such
special district pursuant to intergovernmental
contracts with Augusta (the "Augusta
Projects"): (i) Road, Street, Bridge, and
Drainage Improvements, (ii) Public Safety
Facilities, Equipment, and Vehicles, (iii) Parks
and Recreation Facilities, (iv) Cultural, Library,
and Historic Facilities, (v) Economic
Development Facilities and Land Acquisition,
(vi) Information Technology, (vii) Industrial
Infrastructure Improvements, (viii) Municipal
Building Renovations, (ix) Fleet Administration
and Maintenance Facilities, and (x) Sales Tax
Program and Project Administration; (b) capital
outlay projects, which are estimated to cost
$1,975,000, to be owned or operated or both by
Blythe: (i) Road Improvements, (ii) Water
System Improvements, (iii) Equipment and
Vehicles, (iv) Community Building, Library, and
Park Facilities, and (v) Information Technology;
and (c) capital outlay projects, which are
estimated to cost $8,375,000, to be owned or
operated or both by Hephzibah (the "Hephzibah
Projects"): (i) Recreational Multi-Use Facility, (ii)
Agricultural Center and Arena Project, (iii)
Water System Equipment and Vehicles, (iv)
Public Safety Equipment and Vehicles, (v) Fire
Department Facilities, and (vi) Road and Bike
Lane Projects; and (2) retiring Augusta's Tax
Anticipation Notes, dated March 7, 2014 (the
"Augusta Notes"), by paying or making
provision for the payment of the principal of
and interest on the Augusta Notes coming due
on October 1, 2014, in the estimated maximum
amount of $8,050,000?
If reimposition of the tax is approved by the
voters, such vote shall also constitute approval
of the issuance of general obligation debt of
Augusta, Georgia in the principal amount of
$22,395,000 for the purposes of (1) any one or
more of the Augusta Projects, (2) the
Recreational Multi-Use Facility included in the
Hephzibah Projects, and (3) retiring the Augusta

"Yes" received 48.8% of the vote, or 13,981 votes.

"No" received 51.2% of the vote, or 14,624 votes.

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