Publication upset about media coverage of Blocker-Adams

Publication upset about media coverage of Blocker-Adams

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - "We don't like it, and we're sick of it. And we're not going to tolerate it."

Strong words from the editor of Augusta's independent publication serving the black community.

Barbara Gordon and her supporters called a news conference to discuss their feelings about the local media coverage of financial problems facing mayoral candidate Helen Blocker-Adams.

"You all dragged her through the streets like the young man that was dragged through Texas many years ago," Rod Pearson said. "You crucified her just like Christ was crucified."

He's talking about the reports that aired on WFXG - and in other media outlets - where court records revealed unpaid financial judgements against Blocker-Adams. The mayoral candidate admitted to owing money, but said she thought the matters had been resolved. She eventually suspended her campaign last Thursday.

"These last few days have been hard and humiliating," Blocker-Adams said Thursday.

But Editor Barbara Gordon said it goes beyond just this most recent issue.

"If you're going to cover the black community, black issues, or whatever, cover us fairly," she said. "Ok? Don't dog us out. You know, do what is right, do what is fair, do you all understand what I'm saying?"

She's now pushing for a change of what she calls dirty politics and unfair media coverage.

"And when it comes to us, the coverage is not right and not fair," Gordon said.

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