Augusta BMX raises money for cancer research

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Folks in August hit the dirt tracks on Sunday to raise money to help fight blood-related cancers.

Folks ages 3 to 50 grabbed their bikes and headed to the starting line. Joey Tedesco, Augusta BMX's track operator, said they're racing for a good cause.

"It's a one day event, held throughout the USA, we all hold the same event, and all the money made from the race today goes to the Leukemia Society," said Tedesco.

The 8th annual Race for Life event raises money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society fighting blood-related cancers. Racer Allen Flanagan said it's a great feeling to do something you love to help people in need.

"We're out here in the sun, doing a lot of work here on the track. It's for the research, that's the inspiration, especially if you have family and friends that have all fought cancer or leukemia," said Flanagan. "It makes it all worth while."

Flanagan said it's worth while because cancer hits close to home - he's recently lost a father-in-law to the disease, and some of the Augusta BMX's members has had to deal with it too.

"We've actually had another female racer that's had cancer too. It's actually a good thing for them. They come out, they've fought cancer and they come out here and put in their laps and ride. They're the inspiration. They're the reason we do this," Flanagan.

Flanagan believes that if the money raised by their race could help at least one person with cancer, their time was well spent.