Barrow visits Charlie Norwood VA hospital

Barrow visits Charlie Norwood VA hospital

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The Charlie Norwood VA Hospital admitted that 3 veterans died while in their care and those deaths were preventable.

Congressman John Barrow met with execs today and said while things have improved, some concerns still exist.

"What happened at this place years ago, has to stop," Barrow said. "We've been given assurances that there are no longer any backlog and consultation requests and that none of the patterns of inactivity that occurred in the past are going on anymore."

While focusing on the positive, Barrow does believe there are things that need to change and he is looking toward Washington.

"The bureaucracy used to provide medical care here is vast," said Barrow. "It is sclerotic. It is clogged with procedural and civil service safeguards that make it impossible to hold people accountable."

And a local a veteran agrees with the congressman.

"I guess since the VA, the veterans affairs committee and the pentagon is not paying those civilian bills, it's just a lot easier to ignore these gentlemen instead of treating them like they promised to treat them," said Tim Hollobaugh an Augusta veteran and also a veteran advocate.

Amid nationwide controversy, Dr. Robert Petzel, the Under Secretary for Health in the Department of Veterans Affairs resigned today.

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