More accusations emerge against Doug Nelson

More accusations emerge against Doug Nelson

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - "Judge Roper let the slack out on his leash, so he could just do and have whatever he wanted."
He doesn't want to show his face or share his name, but this young father said Doug Nelson was the guardian ad litem assigned to his case, one that didn't get a ruling in his favor.

"He pretty much did what he wanted to do, with no regard for me or my family," he said.
The father said the ruling is surprising because of his ex-wife's trouble with the law.
Nelson's August 12th, 2013 guardian ad-litem report notes the wife's 2012 arrests for manufacturing marijuana and child neglect, charges backed up by past court records.
Nelson also noted the mother's charges were dismissed and she was working to get the charges expunged, and according to court officials, the charges can no longer be found on the books. Nelson recommended the mom get visitation rights.

But Superior Court Judge J. David Roper took it one step further. He said, after considering several factors, the child had a better bond with the mom and in a final ruling on August 12, 2013, gave her primary physical custody.

We did call and text listed phone numbers for the mother but have yet to hear back.
The father said he decided to step forward after seeing our original story, where women accused Nelson of being inappropriate with them. He said he saw some similarities in his own case because of what he said one witness was sent.
"Similar text messages as inappropriate or even more inappropriate in some cases," said the father.
In documents the father gave us, local attorney Andy Tisdale emailed screenshots of text messages to Judge Roper on August 22, 2013. Nelson allegedly sent the messages to the child's teacher, who was a witness on the case.
We reached out to Tisdale, who did not represent the litigants or witnesses in this case, and he confirmed the authenticity of the email, but denied releasing it to other parties.
In the messages, Nelson tells the teacher she's the most beautiful he's ever met, and that he came to the school to see her, waiting for an hour in the office after music class. She thanks him for the compliments and for being honest, but then tells him they must keep their communication professional.
Multiple attempts to contact the teacher were unanswered. But in a sworn statement on Augusta 12th, 2013, the teacher confirmed she did receive what she called "inappropriate" remarks to her cell phone, and they were reported to the school principal.
However, Judge Roper said he did not allow the statement to be admitted as evidence in the case, and he said it's his policy not to discuss the specifics behind actions in active, past, or upcoming cases.
Multiple calls, emails, and messages for the school principal were also unanswered.
We asked Judge Roper about the email. He confirmed he did receive it, but said since he had already ruled on the case, and since Nelson had resigned as a guardian altogether on Augusta 13th, 2012, the "point was moot."
When we pressed him about not reporting the text messages to another agency, like the police, he said while the messages were inappropriate, he didn't feel a crime had been committed, and that "sexual harassment is not a crime in Georgia."
The father in this case said he felt hopeless about the situation.
"I tried every route I could think of. And no doors opened up. Nobody would help me."

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