Deputies: Armed men robbed and beat man with gun

An Aiken man told deputies that two armed men forced their way into his home on Rebel Road in Aiken. He said the men attacked him, and then robbed him.

Sylvia Staley and her family has lived on Rebel Road for more than 20 years. She said there's been a few break-ins in recent history, but nothing as serious as the armed home invasion. She has young nieces and nephews, she's scared that the suspects may come kicking down her door.

"Its a bit nerve wrecking when you're so used to everything around the area being so quiet and peaceful," said Staley.

According to an incident report from the Sheriff's office, two men armed with masks and a pistol knocked down his front door, he told deputies that they asked repeatedly where the marijuana was at and when he told them he didn't know, they beat him with the gun until he passed out.

"It makes it hard for you to leave home because you don't know what's going to happen," said Staley. Its even hard to go to sleep at night."

The incident report stated the men got away with almost $5,000 in cash and electronics. Staley said she won't feel safe until the suspects are behind bars.

"I hope they are caught. They need to learn their lesson," Staley said.

She hopes that lesson is learned before another home in her neighborhood is terrorized.

If you have any information on the robbery, make sure you give the Aiken County Sheriff's Office a call at (803) 642-1761.