Larry Campbell holds press conference after arrest

Larry Campbell holds press conference after arrest

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Larry Campbell was silent today as his lawyer, Vic Hawk, addressed the media for the first time since his arrest.

"There was never any criminal intent on behalf of Coach Campbell," Hawk read from a release.

The former football coach was arrested and charged with simple battery Wednesday morning after a fight at the Lincoln County Board of Education meeting Tuesday night. According to reports, disparaging remarks were made towards Campbell's son by Shaun Glass and Campbell reacted.

"that's what any parent would do under circumstances like that," says Hawk.

"He was there not as athletic director, not as head coach. He was there as my father. I think he did what most fathers would do you know, he was trying to take up for his son," said Campbell's son and Lincoln County Superintendent Brian Campbell.

Hawk wanted to make one point extremely clear in the press conference.

"At no time did Coach Campbell threaten to kill or harm Mr. Glass," Hawk says.

He also says the Lincoln County community is standing behind Campbell.

"Coach Campbell has been swamped with support in the church community, the school community and the community in general," says Hawk. 

Hawk says they have reached out to Glass so the two can meet with counsel present, and so Campbell can personally apologize. Glass does not want to meet up with Campbell while lawyers are present, and lawyers must be present as part of the court's order.

A grand jury will hear the evidence in the case soon and will decide if Campbell needs to be indicted.

The full copy of Campbell's press release is below.

"Coach Larry Campbell has devoted his life to the children of Lincoln County. He has committed 44 years to the football program. In the South, children are taught to respect their parents. Parents stand by their children no matter the age in times of turmoil.

Concerning the incident occurring May 13, 2014, Lincoln County Board of Education, the meeting was volatile with those attending getting very excited. A number of disparaging remarks were made about various members of the Board and Coach Campbell's son.

Coach Campbell approached Shaun Glass and placed his hands on Glass' shirt telling Mr. Glass to stop making disparaging remarks and untrue statements about Coach Campbell's son. There was never any criminal intent toward Mr. Glass. Coach Campbell apologizes for touching Mr. Glass. Coach Campbell has offered to personally apologize to Mr. Glass with his counsel present. Under the Court's order he cannot meet personally with Mr. Glass without counsel present.

At no time did Coach Campbell threaten to kill or harm Mr. Glass. Coach Campbell would not do so."

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