Georgia Power bringing solar power to major army installations

Major Army installations across Georgia to install solar farms

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Georgia Power will help the United States Army get a little greener by the end of 2016.

"We have entered this agreement with the U.S. army where we will build own and operate three large solar farms," Georgia Power Spokesman John Kraft said.

Kraft said the plan is for the three farms to go on Fort Gordon, Fort Stewart and Fort Benning.

The joint project could cut costs overtime for the Army and will help them meet renewable energy goals, according to Georgia Power.

Kraft said photovoltaic panels will span over more than 100 acres at each site. When the sun hits a panel, a reaction occurs, causing energy to flow out.\

"One megawatt of solar energy can produce enough for about 131 homes," Kraft said.

Kraft said you need additional energy at night and on a cloudy day, but it shouldn't lead to higher rates for customers.

"This energy will flow into our overall grid, "Kraft said, "Since we're building, owning and operating it, this won't put pressure on our prices."

The generation facilities will each be capable of producing approximately 30 megawatts of solar energy.