Nancy Jester wants your vote for state superintendent

Nancy Jester believes she has what it takes to be the next state school superintendent for Georgia.

"The bottom line is in Georgia, we're paying more per pupil and we're getting less for it. So you're paying too much and you're getting too little," Jester said.

"Every state that borders us, has a higher graduation rate than we do and every state that borders us, spends less for people to get it."

And Jester said there is a reason for this.

"In Georgia, we have bloated bureaucracy in unprecedented ways. Between 92 and 2009, according to a Georgia College study, we had a 41 percent increase in student enrollment. At the same time, we had a 74 percent increase in central office administrators," said Jester.

Something she noted is particularly apparent in Richmond County.

"The money has gone into the central office and not into the classroom," Jester said. "So, as the state superintendent, when I'm there and I institute measurements and disclosures, that's going to drive the money into the classroom."

Jester said she has a 5 point plan called FOCUS to fix the problems in the nearly 50 school districts in the state.

Jester will face 8 other candidates in the republican primary for state superintendent.

To learn more about Jester's FOCUS plan, visit her web site:

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