Harlem police remember fallen officers

HARLEM, GA (WFXG) - A very special day in Harlem as a couple dozen officers gathered to remember their fallen brothers and sisters lost in the line of duty.

"We thought it would be something good to recognize all those serving the citizens in the line of duty," said Chief Gary Jones.

Jones invited officers and deputies from around the area to gather and march under the flagpole.

"It's just something we can do in a small way, by lowering the flag, coming together in somewhat of an organized fashion, to not only bring recognition but also to honor to those who have served," said Jones.

They also observed a moment of silence at noon both at the flagpole and on police radio.

It's especially poignant for our area, after the 2011 deaths of Deputy JD Paugh, and Officer Scotty Richardson, and 2012 death of Master Corporal Sandy Rogers.

Jones said he's happy with the turnout.

"I was very well pleased with the turn out, and I think it was certainly well presented, and done in a tasteful fashion to honor those people who gave their lives," said Jones.

Police officials said their officers are in danger every single day they put on their uniform and badge.

And while he cringes at the thought of losing one of his own officers, Jones said this is the least they can do for those who are no longer with us today.

Jones said he plans to make this an annual event.

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