Postal Service and Golden Harvest stamping out hunger

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Nine Post Offices in the CSRA picked up donations for the 22nd annual 'Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive' Saturday.

Golden Harvest Food Bank teamed up with postal workers, who picked up the food left by mailboxes on their regular routes.

"They put it in their truck, bring it back, put it in a red cart and then volunteers sort it," Director Travis McNeal said.

McNeal said they will have a count on how much was collected in a few weeks. He said hundreds to thousands of volunteers will sort through the food for anything dented, expired or damaged in a month.

"I already opened up some peanut butter and it was used, but that's just what happens. Sometimes a young child will open it, put it back in the pantry and no one will know."

But McNeal said every donation counts. Last year, 160 thousand pounds of donations came in to the food bank.

"It makes me feel good knowing I'm able to help," volunteer Tiffany Rewis said.

To donate, call (706) 736-1199 or head to

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