CSRA Humane Society hosts Paws in the Park event

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Close to 40 people came out to the CSRA Humane Society for the eighth annual Paws in the Park Pet Walk Saturday morning.

Participants were able to walk their own dogs and some of the dogs that are currently in the shelter. Megan McGahee organized the event when she was still in high school as a way to help get the community more involved with the shelter.

"Basically I wanted to involve the community in the stuff the CSRA Humane Society was doing and have the families come out for a day of fun and events," she says.

Some of the volunteers that came out today, like Chuck Williams, had adopted shelter dogs of their own and came out to show their support.

"I had just lost my own dog and we were looking for another dog to kind of take his place and a shelter dog came. I was supposed to take him out for a test drive for a weekend, and they brought him over on a Friday and four years later he's still at my house," he says with a smile.

Students from Greenbriar High School also came out to walk the dogs as part of a class charity project.

"We're doing Greenbriar Pack Gives Back. We chose this as our charity, so we've been doing a fundraiser all week and we came out here to support the dogs," says Carch Swaylick with the Greenbriar freshman student government.

The Humane Society is a no kill shelter, so all the animals stay at the shelter until they find a permanent home. All the participants say that each of the dogs at the shelter deserve  to find a forever home.

"They don't have a home, and they're very loving dogs and they deserve a great home," says Swaylick.

"You know you have no reason to fear looking into adopting a pet, and every reason to think you might find a lifetime companion here," Williams says.,

And with 22 dogs at the shelter, workers at the Humane Society encourage anyone that is able to come out and adopt a dog.

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