Police: 10 pounds of marijuana delivered to Aiken home

Quite the shocking discovery for an Aiken family, after they found a large amount of marijuana delivered to their home, by accident. Now, they're scared for their safety.

"We've been here for almost 2 years now and we've never received a type of package like that," said the homeowner.

The woman wanted to remain anonymous. She says she wasn't expecting a package, so when a large box was dropped off at her house Thursday evening, she knew something was wrong.

"It left me fearful, and shakey. we didn't even stay here last night," she said.

According to the Aiken Department of Public Safety, it was addressed to a Mary Lu Smith, with a return address from Phoenix, Arizona. Detective Jeremy Hembree, with the Aiken Department of Public Safety believes the information is false, and the package was delivered to the wrong place.

"It went to the wrong address," Hembree said. "They had a name and street in mind, and it turned out to be the incorrect one."

Detective Hembree added that he's glad its off the streets.

"We are happy that it was intercepted, but unfortunately we don't have a lot to go on to determine where it came from, but it's a good ending to know that this 10 pounds of marijuana is not in our community to be delivered, or sold to whoever is going to purchase it," Hembree said.

The homeowners say someone is missing a substantial amount of drugs, and now hoping that the owner, doesn't show up looking for it.

"If its that type of package and its dropped off here at the wrong address, either they made a mistake or they knew and they may come back looking for it," the woman said.

Aiken Department of Public Safety is working with the postal service to find the origin of the package and said that the marijuana has been placed in evidence and it will eventually be destroyed.

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