Mother's Day Makeover Winner: Michelle Young

Brandi Brady surprised her mother Michelle Young at Dillard's in the Augusta mall, Thursday afternoon.

"It's the best feeling ever," Brady said. "I could give her the world and it still wouldn't be enough because she deserves so much more."

Young had no idea that her daughter entered her into WFXG Fox 54's Mother's Day Makeover contest and won.

"Oh my God. You know this is a dream. That was my first reaction but now that it's sunk in, I'm amazed I have children that care enough and think enough about me to do what they did," Young, a mother of four, said.

Young received a $500 makeover at the store that included clothes, accessories, makeup and hair, and her daughter says she couldn't be any more deserving.

"She loves doing for everybody else," Brady said. "She doesn't receive as much as she gives."

Brady told us her mother has had what she describes as a rough year with many trials and tribulations.

"We got a phone call, after my brother was a dad for about a week, that he was airlifted to the hospital. He had a horrible accident. He's still got problems but she's there taking care of him daily," Brady said. "My sister got diagnosed with thyroid cancer and my grandmother passed. So, it's just been everything but she's still going. She's still striving. She's the strongest ever."

Young said it's faith and family that has helped her survive.

"God. I think that he is the strength that keeps me going because there's just no way I would make it," Young said.

And Dillard's was more than happy to help celebrate our Mommy Makeover winner.

Michelle also received a Pandora bracelet from Floyd and Green, Aiken's Crown Jeweler.

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