Smoke-free debate renewed in Augusta

Smoke-free debate renewed in Augusta

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Customers come in and out of Crazy Vapors off Davis Road, trying to quit smoking by switching to a tobacco-less flavored alternative.

New regulations being discussed here locally, and nationwide, could possibly impact the business.

"We're going to essentially see government regulation, whether on a federal level, or a local level, and it will have an effect, we're worried about that," said Patrick King, part-owner of Crazy Vapors.

A renewed debate on going smoke-free in Augusta has establishments like Crazy Vapors worried because the ban could incorporate electronic vapors too.

"If cigarette smoke only impacted the smoker, I think it would be a different story," said Dr. Selina Smith, with Healthy Augusta. "We know that whether it's the nicotine from cigarette smoking or vapors from the e-cigarettes, it still causes detriment to the person sitting next to you."

The Food and Drug Administration said the research so far on electronic cigarettes is vague and unclear. But, recent bans in major cities - like New York - have been altered to include e-cigs.

Patrick King at Crazy Vapors said they're just trying to help people.

"A lot of times, people come in, they've been smoking for 20, 30, or 40 years, and we've helped provide an alternative to regular cigarette smoking."

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