Paine College students, parents speak out after shootings

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - It was a much quieter scene at Paine College one day after two shootings in less than 24 hours sent the school into lockdown. Students are back in class, but that doesn't mean they aren't still worried.

Jaleesa Washington say she just wants to feel safe on her college campus.

"When will it end?," Washington said. "You really never know when you're safe, or when you don't have to worry about anything, or when you can just walk across the campus and go to class."

Dominique Finch was in Haygood-Holsey Hall when the shooting took place. He said he had no idea there was a shooting until he got an alert from the school.

"It didn't resonate to me that there was gunshots," Finch said, "but I heard the rumbling and apparently was students running, trying to take cover downstairs on the third floor where the shooting happened."

Lillian Isreal's son is a student at Paine, and her maternal instincts kicked in when she heard about the shooting from a friend.

"My thought was 'I'm going to Paine College,'" Isreal said. "Before I could get up, my son called and said 'Mom, I'm okay.'"

Isreal said she would like to see an alert system put in place to keep the parents informed about what's going on in case of an emergency.

"If there is an alert to parents, it needs to be followed up by something that will let us have enough information to keep us grounded," she said. 

Students like Curtis Walker say there also needs to be a bigger emphasis on bringing the college community together as a whole.

"If we just had more community, more student involvement, better activities to join the students together, it won't be as much as drama or more altercations," Walker said.

Students are now hoping for the recovery of their classmate, and that the college will become safe again.

Security measures on Paine's Campus have been increased since the shooting Sunday night with the addition of Richmond County Sheriff's deputies.

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