Paine College officials say students should feel safe

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Officials are still investigating a connection between the two shootings at Paine College, but they said Monday's shooting was an isolated event between two students, and students will be able to attend class Tuesday.

"We're still trying to find out all the facts but I would tell the students I believe they'll be safe to come to school tomorrow," said Patrick Clayton, Richmond County Sheriff's Office chief deputy.

Paine College said right now, its main focus is making sure students are and feel safe.

"We also have beefed up the presence of our patrol here on campus around the perimeters and we are continuing to monitor through our campus surveillance activities that take place on campus," said Brandon Brown, Paine College's vice president.

This comes after two shootings on the school's downtown Augusta campus less than 24 hours apart. The first of those shootings happening Sunday evening.

"We engaged students letting them know what had transpired last evening under the direction of our campus police chief, Chief Nelson," Brown said. "He also added additional officers to the community this morning."

And yet Monday, another shooting, believed to have started from an altercation between two students. Still Paine College officials insisted the school is safe.

"We were able to secure and lock down the campus in a very fast moment. So we are continuing to do things we need to do in the sense of protecting our students," Brown said.

Some students say they will continue their normal routine.

"Life still goes on and we still have portray it as it is a normal day," said Allen Meadows, a student at Paine College.

Paine College officials mentioned that the school does have a zero tolerance for firearms and other weapons and will continue to enforce this policy. Law enforcement is excluded and they are able to carry guns.

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