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Experts warn of future cyber breaches, attacks


Major security breaches at stores like Target and Michael's have shoppers on edge, and experts say these breaches are only going to get worse.

Now, there is a warning about what the next cyber attack could look like, plus tips on how you can protect yourself and your money.

Steven Dyer, with Central Service Association, oversees 100 utility districts, including several in Middle Tennessee.

He came to the Cyber Summit on Monday at Middle Tennessee State University to learn more about how to keep his customers safe.

"We've got to keep updating. We've got to keep going. The bad guys far outweigh the good guys," Dyer said.

He says the biggest threat, right now, is financial due to the amount of information consumers give their utility companies.

"They have everything on you: names, residences, your telephone numbers and, sometimes, your Social Security numbers" Dyer said.

Experts suggest using an up-to-date computer operating system, not Windows XP.

Also, when you send information over the web, make sure it's encrypted.

And experts say you should vary your passwords across different websites.

"They'll steal it from one site, and they can immediately log into other sites. And the poor user has been victimized by the poor security practices of the organization," said information security consulting specialist Mark Burnette.

Cyber threats are here and have been for a long time. The difference is they're changing and getting worse. Experts say future threats may not come from individual hackers but instead from entire countries.

"The exploits are more frequent, and they have more damaging effects," Burnette said.

The MTSU Cyber Summit continues Tuesday from 7 a.m. until 5 p.m. For more information, visit

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