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Post office reopens after car plows into it

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The Bingville Post Office on Savannah's Montgomery Street is back open Monday after a car plowed into the lobby for the third time in a decade on Friday.

The postmaster said it's been the same thing with the last two wrecks - a customer mixing up the gas and break pedals and driving right inside.

Friday's wreck took out the front doors and one column. The last crash was in 2010, and repairs from that wreck had just wrapped up when the one on Friday happened.

After that 2010 wreck, the postal service put in concrete stoppers, but nearly all of them have been moved by customers repeatedly bumping up to the curb.

"That's a high curb there. You'd have to get some speed to jump that," post office customer Arthur Bruin said.

It's like the postal service says, neither rain, nor sleet, nor apparently a car through the front door stops the mail. Workers just pulled the debris aside and boarded up the door.

Thankfully, none of these wrecks caused any major injuries.

The driver in the Friday crash only had minor injuries and didn't run in to any customers.

"We took some precautions then, and it looks like they have expired. So we'll have to move on and try something else. And I think this time, we'll go for some ballards, some concrete-filled ballards maybe every six foot to prevent this from happening again," Postmaster Denise Holguin said.

The police report indicates the driver may have confused the brake and gas pedals, causing the crash.

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