Village Deli Golf Tournament raises money for animal rescues

Village Deli Golf Tournament raises money for animal rescues

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - For years, That's What Friends are For, an organization dedicated to saving pets, has been throwing the Village Deli Golf Tournament to raise money for animal rescues in the CSRA.

"They do a lot of spay and neuter vouchers and medical assistance vouchers for people who can't afford it," said Wilene Colvin, founder of Save the Animals Rescue Society.

Colvin said the tournament gives a voice to the helpless and neglected pets in the area.

"They have no voice of their own and they can't tell you just how they feel or how they hurt," Colvin said.

They also raise awareness about the need for animals to be adopted here in Augusta.

"Animals have very little assistance," Colvin said. "A lot of people consider animals just property and they can discard them at will."

Colvin said that's where the problem lies. Pets are often abandoned and left to wander the streets. She said her organization, along with "That's What Friends Are For," are trying to change that.

"My ultimate goal is that all dogs and cats are spayed an neutered. That's where the answer is," Colvin said. "We adopt out as many as we can, but its just a drop in the bucket. There's just not enough people to adopt them to."

Now that they've helped give the animals their voice, Colvin hopes the community hears their cry for help and steps up.

The tournament is over, but the Save the Animal Rescue Society said they need foster homes and adoption families for local cats and dogs. Click here to find out how you can donate.

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