2014 Marine Mud Challenge

FORT GORDON, GA (WFXG) - Thousands of folks got down and dirty in the 7th annual Marine Mud Race at Fort Gordon on Saturday.  

More than 24 hundred people participated in the 5 mile, 30 obstacle course that took over 6 months to build - making this year's marine mud challenge the biggest race fort Gordon has seen.

"It was hard. I had to go through mud and over ropes. I cut up my hands, but it was fun," said Amanda Russell.
"It was probably one of the toughest things I've ever had to do," Julian Bass told WFXG.

James Meek started the Marine Mud Challenge here at Fort Gordon 7 years ago. He says their goal was to create a course that tested the runners physically and mentally.

"It's not just physical obstacles out here. we attack your fear of heights, your fear of water, your fear of closed in spaces and its overcoming those as a team that makes this event so successful," said James Meek.

It also gave them a chance to build and experience the unique combination of comradery and teamwork that's found in every branch of the military.

"It's awesome to see the military guys around, rooting us on and just doing this as a team building experience. Its great that the military is doing this for us," said Bass.

"You can't do this course without a team. Its just a great experience as everybody else said just seeing the military out there and seeing all the teams working out there. Its an inspiration," said Josh Hinson.

An inspiration that's bringing many of the mud challenge survivors back to take on the obstacle course again next year.