Local woman said she saved her family from a gunman

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - A mother's worst nightmare. One woman made a daring decision while being robbed at gunpoint outside her home Wednesday night. Her four children were sound asleep inside.

"I really and honestly thought at that point that I was going to die," she said, "and that they're not going to care and they were going to shoot us dead and that they were going to go inside and kill my kids and my husband."

This woman is afraid for her safety and she wanted to remain anonymous. She said she and four of her friends were robbed by two men with guns around 11:30 p.m. Wednesday while they were sitting on her porch.

"He went to step off of the porch, and all you hear is him cocking back his gun. Another guy popped up behind us and put a gun in my friend's back and told us all not to move, not to talk, not to yell."

According to the incident report, the men took about $1,200 worth of stuff. After they rounded up all they could, she said one of the men tried to go inside her house. With four kids and her husband asleep inside, she wasn't going to let that happen. Just as one of the men tried to go inside, she said she threw herself in front of him. 

"Just to keep him away from my kids. So hopefully put an extra barrier, make him think and try to make him realize that they were just babies. I didn't think, I just kind of reacted."

Only a day after the traumatizing experience, the woman said she is still shaken up.

"Now I'm terrified to leave my house alone, I'm terrified to go to sleep, its a very rough situation."

She's thankful her family and her friends are still alive.

"He could have taken everything in my house as long as we all remained alive, that's all I care about. Everything else can be repurchased. We can move, but you can't bring somebody back to life."

The family said they aren't taking any risks and they're installing a surveillance system.

If you have any information about the robbery contact the Richmond County Sheriffs Office at 706-832-2234.

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