112th Special Operations Signal Battalion jumps on Barton Field

FORT GORDON, GA (WFXG) - Airborne soldiers from Fort Bragg jumped onto Barton Field Monday from a UH-60 Blackhawk. They were recruiting signal leaders at Fort Gordon for the 112th Special Operations Signal Battalion.

Command Sgt. Major Ron Pflieger said, "It shows our AIT soldiers that going airborne isn't really that scary."

Fort Gordon officials said soldiers are often sent to Fort Benning for airborne training, and it teaches them to react rather than think, which he said can make a better, more disciplined solider.

Command Sgt. Major Pflieger said "We have between 10 and 20 volunteers every two weeks and then we send them to Fort Benning for three weeks of training."

Army Specialist Operations Command Colonel Campbell Cantelou said the 112 is on Fort Gordon to show signal soldiers they could come to Fort Bragg after training. He said many are on the fence about going airborne.

Army Specialist Operations Command Colonel Cantelou said "We have a lot of young impressionable signal leaders who want to do something after they leave Fort Gordon."