Armed robbery on Lumpkin Road leaves one man in stitches

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - An armed robbery Friday night left one man with stitches after he was pistol-whipped.

Richmond County deputies said two men in their late 20s went to Apartment B at 2841 Lumpkin Rd. and asked the man that lived there if he had any marijuana to sell.

When the man said no, the suspects pointed a .380 semi-automatic pistol at his chest and told him to get on the floor, deputies said. One of the suspects then hit the man on the top of his head with the butt of the pistol, causing a laceration.

The victim told deputies that one of the suspects locked his girlfriend in the bathroom and stole $200 from her purse before taking off.

One woman who lives on Lumpkin Road says the area needs to be watched more closely by the police because it's not safe.

"Really it's not safe," she said. "At a certain time of night everybody should be in the house but, you know like I said, you're not even safe in your house."

Deputies said the suspects drove off in a 1990s-model gold Cadillac and anyone with information is asked to call the Richmond County Sheriff's Office.

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